5 Simple Steps To An Organized Garage!

Hi everyone!!  Spring is finally here and I know what people love to do this time of year:  SPRING CLEANING!  So for those of you looking to get organized, here are some reasons to start by organizing your garage and 5 simple tips to help you do so!

One of the best ways to create space in your house is to put things you only use on occasion into your garage.  This means that your garage needs to have the space necessary to keep your items organized.  And I bet you have a lot of things in your garage right now that you simply do not need, or even know that you even own.  So, the first step in organizing your house is often organizing your garage.

Now, I know that this can seem like a daunting task for some of you.  But I’m telling you, when I get a full home organizational project, I LOVE to start with the garage first, for this very reason.  It simply makes things easier down the line because once you get rid of what’s no longer needed in the garage, you have space to put occasionally used items into the garage for storage.

Organize Your Garage in 5 Simple Steps!

    1.  Get rid of what you no longer want or need first.

This is the easiest and fastest way to create space.  It also helps you to feel accomplishment early on,, so it helps to motivate you to keep moving forward with your project.  These items can be trashed or donated.  Either way, the point is that they are permanently leaving your home.  Set up a donation pickup or put the items right in your car so you can make a donation drop off right away.  The point is not to let the items linger around the house.  Get them gone!.

    2.  Categorize!

Now that the easy stuff is over, you’re seeing some space around the garage, it’s time to categorize.  Put like items with like items (winter clothes go together, sports gear goes together, etc.)  Put these items in boxes or bins and label them so you know what’s in them.  Also put the date on the label that you made the label so that you know how long it’s been since you made the box/bin.

    3.  Get Your Storage Items.

Now, you might need to get some new shelving for your garage.  Here are some affordable and easy to put together shelves that I like:  http://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-5-Shelf-24-in-D-x-36-in-W-x-72-in-H-Plastic-Ventilated-Storage-Shelving-Unit-17601471/100006678?N=c2mm#.UUtbWaV5nlI

Practically anyone can put these shelves together in minimal time.  Once ready for organizing, place heavier bins/boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top.  Keep the labels facing the front so you never have to wonder where things are again.  It says it right in front of you.

    4.  Bring in new items for storage.

Now that you’ve organized your garage, you can see how much space is newly available to bring items in for storage from the house.  Merge these items into your already organized garage and follow the same labeling systems with these house items as well.

    5.  Create a Maintenance Plan.

Setup a tickler in your calendar or simply write it on a physical calendar to check the boxes/bins in 1 year from that date so you can filter through the items again.  If you don’t check in on your stuff, your stuff just grows and grows until you and your family are no longer comfortable in your space. And if you follow this maintenance system of annual garage cleanups, it will never ever be as big of a job as it was the first time.  This is because setting up systems takes longer.  Maintenance organizing are much smaller projects.

Take control of your environment and you’ll never have to worry about losing the war on clutter!

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