Devin Adante is The A-List Organizer.

Leading professional organizer Devin Adante is the trusted authority in organizing Los Angeles’ homes and businesses, both inside and out.  From A-list celebrities to top corporate executives in the country, to the average Joe, Devin teaches her clients that the secret to organization is in the systems.  She finds the appropriate systems for their needs and implements them into their homes, businesses, and lives.

Devin recently participated as a professional organizer in the filming of an episode of Season 4 of A&E’s Hoarders.  View the episode here: http://www.amazon.com/Eileen-Judy/dp/B00AVB1ONA

When Devin’s not working she can be found engaging in her first love – Music!  Devin sings and plays piano.  But if she’s not at her own piano, you can bet that she’s out exploring the Los Angeles music scene.

Devin is also on the Board of Directors at the Santa Monica/Westside YWCA, a local organization near and dear to her heart.


Many times I’ve heard people say ‘I don’t have the organization gene.’ There is no such thing. Organization is about systems, whether they are physical or electronic; it is a system that supports organization. I implement the system and then teach you how to keep it supporting you. Consistency is key and without it, the system fails. I create homes, businesses and lives that are well-oiled machines that support your lifestyle.”
– Devin Adante