Move Management

Are you overwhelmed by moving?

Do you wish someone else could do all of the work and you could just enjoy your new home/office?

Let’s face it – moving is stressful!  Imagine being able to hand over the responsibility of your stressful move to someone else so you can focus on more important things.  Imagine having all of your items unpacked into your new space so you can just show up and enjoy your new space.  Well, this is all possible with me and my A-List team manage your move!


Move Management Services include:

• Interviewing and Obtaining Quotes from Moving Companies
• Management of Packing of Your Belongings
• Transfer of Utilities to the New Location
• Management & Monitoring the Move on Move Day
• Unpacking and Organization of your Belongings in the New Space.

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“Devin and her team fully moved my family into our new home in no time at all.  And when I say fully moved in I mean all boxes unpacked, organized, and everything was perfect for my family to arrive and enjoy our new home!  I recommend Devin to everyone I know! “  ~Amanda B., Executive, Wife, and Mother